Commencement at Union School

A  1901 clipping from the local Middleport paper: The annual commencement exercises of the Mdpt. Union High School will be held at the opera house this eve. at 8:15, June 26, 1901. The class motto is “Climb though the rocks be rugged”. Grads. in the academic course are: Misses Clara Louise Bates, Gertrude Louise Benson, Cornelia Lucy Freeman, Martha Eleanore Pollard, Elizabeth Loretta Bray, Bernice Mary Freeman, Lucy Freeman Graves, Messers Leslie Willard Allen, Charles Floyd Ewing, William Henry Watts.  In the advanced academic are: Messers Elijah Henry Seaman, Frank William Sterritt, Glenn Henry Wakeman.  Music for the occasion was furnished by Hammond’s orchestra.  Mr. W. J. Sterritt presented the diplomas in his usual graceful manner making a few remarks appropriate to the occasion

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Belva stamp anniversary

On June 18, 1986, the United States Postal Service officially released the Belva Ann Lockwood stamp as part of their Great American Series.  Born on October 24, 1830, this Royalton resident went on to become an admired public figure and a very influential woman of the century.  The Lockwood Bill gave female attorneys the right to pursue their cases in courts.  She also became the first female nominated by a political party to the office of President of the United States, first in 1884 and again in 1888.      

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First woman doctor in Middleport

Dr. Helen M. Robertson was the wife of village entrepreneur H.A. Robertson, and the first female doctor in the village.  She was a graduate of  Chicago’s Hahneman Medical College which she entered at the age of 50 and graduated in 1889 with honors.  Her family home at 33 State Street was the site of her medical practice where she worked for 35 years until shortly before her death.    

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