Now that the warmer weather is here…

Warmer weather is coming, and with that is yard clean up. The Village of Middleport Public Works Department reminds Village residents of its yard waste pickup policies:

LEAVES: In the fall (Oct & Nov), leaves are to be raked to the edge of the street and left in open piles. Any other time they are to be bagged and placed out with garbage.

BRUSH: Brush is to be placed at the curb, butt side toward the street, stacked no more than 4 feet high. Please do not place roots, stumps, vines or rose bushes out for chipping. We ask you to follow this for the safety of our employees. Brush will be chipped each Monday except for the months of January, February and March. When tree or lawn work is performed by a private contractor, they should take away the debris.

WOOD CHIPS: Wood chips are available for Village residents’ yard use. Please call Bryan Bobbitt at 735-3303 for arrangements.

GRASS CLIPPINGS: Cut grass should never be put out to the curb as it washes into the storm sewer and can lead to flooding.

We thank you for helping keep the Village looking nice by maintaining your yard and lawn.

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