Middleport News

Election Results

I would like to thank all of the candidates who ran for this year’s election for doing the job right. Our state and federal candidates could take a lesson from them for remaining aboveboard and clean. It is refreshing to know that we have residents in this Village who are so passionate about caring for it. A huge thank you to the hundreds who took the time to cast their vote. It is a pleasure to know that so many of you were able to to get here.

Also, a huge shoutout to our election inspectors, Barbara Kiern and Patricia Reale, for their patience while counting the ballots.

The results are as follows:
Richard J. Westcott – total of 159 votes
Jacob Robert Froman – total of 93 votes

Diane Edwards – total of 134 votes
Wayne B. Blumrick – total of 133 votes
Jeffrey G. Waters – total of 80 votes
Renee M. Holly-Eberhard – total of 70 votes

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all of the candidates for their efforts!

Rebecca Schweigert, Clerk-Treasurer