Hotel Pierce to Cornerstone Credit Union

pierce-hotelThe corner of Main and State Street in Middleport started with its first hotel in 1825 when Horace Pierce built what was then known as the Pierce House.  In 1883 it burned to the ground and the property was purchased by Asa Rich, who replaced it with a brick structure known as the Hotel Rich. Mr. Rich kept a team of horses and a wagon at the train depot so that customers could be brought to his hotel in style.   It had several more owners until it was purchased by George Fenton who renamed it the Fenton Hotel.

This beautiful structure met its demise in 1966 when it was torn down to make way for a gas station.  The clock from the hotel was saved and refurbished and still graces our business section over the Village Hall.
Today that corner of Middleport is the home to the Cornerstone Credit Union.

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