Notices & Notes

New promotional materials about Village available

middleport-pamphletLife in the Village Pamphlet

Everyone who lives or works in the Village of Middleport knows what a lovely place it is. Now they can share some of the great things that they love about the Village with others.

A pamphlet that gives an overview of “Life in the Village” is now available and is being featured at local businesses and organizations throughout Middleport. A version of the tri-fold pamphlet that is perfect for sharing with someone who may be thinking of moving to the Middleport area, is also available for download.

Life in the Village Brochure

For those who are interested in a bit more information about Middleport NY, there is a new brochure with more details about our schools, the library, community groups, special celebrations and our annual events. The brochure also features photos of the places around the Village, the canal and more. The brochure is also available online and copies can be picked up at the Village Hall, local businesses and at the Royalton Hartland Community Library. Send for your copy by emailing your name and address to [email protected].

Life in the Village Video

Sometimes the residents just say it best. That is why they are featured on this video that shares what they like best about Middleport New York. Some of the members of the community on the video have grown up in the Village while others are newer members, but all of them provide their perspective of what they like best about Middleport.

The “Life in the Village” video can be seen from this link and is also available on DVD. Contact the Village Hall for a copy.