RHBPA April 2016 Meeting Notes

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Attendees: Greg Zakrzewski, Ann Fisher-Bale, Ann Busch, Janet Lyndaker, Sarah Reed, Don Scott, Donna McCloy, Vonda Westcott (If I missed anyone, please let me know…I didn’t pass around a sign-in sheet!)

The meeting was called to order at 8:12 AM by President Greg Z.

There was no Treasurer’s Report as Julie was not in attendance.

Old Business

  1. Scholarship – Greg is planning on getting information to Colleen Albee at the Guidance Office this week.
  2. Membership Month – Greg reminded us that May is Membership Month. Notices/invoices will be sent to all members.
  3. Music In The Park – July 17th – It was reported that Julie has not heard from Easy Street Band. She has talked to Dave Stockton who said he has a 4-piece band that would play the entire time if we needed. Ann F-B suggested calling the Blind Leading the Blind and she will contact them to see if they are available and what their price is. Ann B will call The Old Hippies to get their price and availability.
  4. Ann B said we have to have two farm markets. Schwab’s said they do not want to do it this year. Ann B and Ann F-B will confirm the wineries (Schulze Winery, Leonard Oakes, Vizcarra Vineyards will be contacted as well as some others to get the number we need). Leonard Oakes should qualify as one farm market. Ann F-B will be seeing a couple of wineries this week so she will give them the date and advise that Ann B will be calling them. Yancy’s Fancy Cheese will also be contacted to see if they can participate (they could be the second farm market). 810 Meadworks will be contacted as well as a brewery Ann B has in mind. We may also contact Barker Brewing.
  5. Greg will call Julie to see whether she has made arrangements for the tents and tables and port-a-potty.

New Business

  1. Evening Mixer Meeting – Greg was not able to work out the logistics for the evening meeting that was proposed for May. We will plan on this for the October meeting.
  2. Newsletter – No discussion at this meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:44 AM.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, May 11th at 8:00 AM at Darrell’s.

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