RHBPA Meeting Notes – August 9, 2017

Attendees: Greg Zakrzewski, Julie Maedl, Ann Fisher-Bale, Ann Busch, Vonda Westcott

The meeting was called to order at 8:20 AM by President Greg Zakrzewski.

Treasurers Report: Current balance – $3,368.53

Old Business:
Music In The Park
Tickets: $860 (includes presale and tickets purchased at the door, ($180)
Goat Chip: $80
Hot Dogs: $66

Overnight Stay: $125
Tent: $375
Glasses: $399.55
Newspaper Ad: $112
Port-O-Potty: $175
Yard Signs: $162
Tickets & Flyers: $65-70 (receipt to be provided)

Final figures will be available at the September meeting.

Discussion on ways to improve MITP
1. Better promotion and advertising
2. More participation from members on selling tickets
3. More breweries (we should have two)
4. Ask for donations for the music
5. Make programs to distribute to those attending listing names and phone numbers of all participants
6. Discussed improving sign details with more information (location of Rotary Park, cost, etc.)

Fall Evening Mixer
Greg is working on a fall meeting to network with other businesses. He will contact the speaker he has in mind to confirm a date. Once he confirms availability, he will see if the Masonic Hall is available for the event. Hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine will be served. More information will follow when date and venue are firm.

New Business:
Town of Royalton Bicentennial Event – August 27th
Julie is putting together a basket to donate to this event from the RHBPA. She already has 2 or 3 gift certificates and will solicit a few more to add to the basket for the event on August 27th.

Eastern Niagara Extra
Ann Fisher-Bale advised that if you place an advertisement in the Eastern Niagara Extra (just launched in September and distributed in Lockport and Newfane), it can be picked up and placed in the Union-Sun & Journal on a day of your choice, at no charge. Please contact her if you would like to place an ad.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:14 AM. The next meeting will be Wednesday, September 13th at 8:00 AM at Darrell’s.