RHBPA Annual Holiday Dinner at Mr. Bond’s Diner

Members of the RHBPA enjoyed a great annual Holiday Dinner at Mr. Bond’s Diner, 12 Main Street in Middleport, a new restaurant that recently opened up in the Village. A brief business meeting was conducted and a short program was also presented. The cost was $10 for members and $20 for guests. Attendees enjoyed a


December 2015 Meeting Notes

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 Attendees: Julie Maedl, Ann Fisher-Bale, Janet Lyndaker, Vonda Westcott The meeting was called to order at 8:17 AM by Julie Maedl Treasurer’s Report $4,428. Julie contacted Mahar’s regarding the bill for the port-a-potty we rented for the Wine Event. Mrs. Mahar passed away and she did all the billing so they


June 2015 RHBPA Meeting Notes

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 Attendees: Donna McCloy, Ann Busch, Janet Lyndaker, Julie Maedl, Sarah Reed, Keith Bond, Ann Fisher-Bale, Vonda Westcott, Greg Zakrzewski The meeting was called to order a t 8:12 AM by Greg Zakrewski. Treasurer’s Report – $3,022.82 Old Business Goat Chip Bingo – July 4th – Everything is all set for this. Greg


RHBPA March 2015 Meeting Notes

Members present: Don Scott, Keith Bond, Donna McCloy, Ann Fisher-Bale, Ann Busch, Janet Lyndaker, Julie Maedl, Greg Zakrzewski, Sarah Reed, Vonda Westcott Meeting was called to order at 8:12 AM by President Greg Zakrzewski Treasurer’s report – $3,256.82 Old Business: Scholarship: Keith will check with the school to see about getting scholarship info on their

Old Middleport News Clippings

Niagara Woodworking was in the news!

What can you add to this old newspaper clipping about Niagara Woodworking? Let us know by commenting below and we will add it to the story! The caption dates this at 1909 and says: “The makers of house trim, sash and doors. It was located on Kelly Ave. and is presently occupied by Barden and


Banking in Middleport

In today’s fast paced society, we think little about the ease with which we can deposit or withdraw our savings and do daily transactions with our money.  Many people spend little time in a brick and mortar building since now most of our dealings can be done over the computer or from our car as


Wildcat Creek – powering Middleport’s growing businesses

by Anna Wallace, former Village Historian In most of the printed material we read, the growth of Middleport is attributed to the Erie Canal. But some time ago, Elmer Vary, then our native and most senior citizen, felt that a great deal of credit should be given to Jeddo Creek or “Wild Cat Creek” as