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Middleport’s Fire Bell Memorial

In a moving ceremony attended by many of our local residents, the Fire Bell Memorial was rededicated this past Memorial Day 2016. The Middleport Fire Department first dedicated their bell memorial in the park on Memorial Day of 1952 in  honor of  the deceased members of the department. The bell used to hang in a tower

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Middleport Universalist Church

It was back in April of 1841 that the Middleport Universalists organized their church on a piece of land donated by John Craig. The building of the church was accomplished with smooth, egg shaped stones gathered by the congregation from the shore of Lake Ontario and under the supervision of stone mason Emery Smith. Reverend

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History of the Basket Factory

Back as early as 1886, the factory owned by Sylvester Evans and Henry McClean turned out some 2000 baskets daily. By 1893, James Hulihan and Thomas Conley owned the Royalton Basket Company which supplied local fruit farmers with different size baskets ranging from berry baskets to fruit crates. The logs were floated down the canal

People in the Past

Chauncey Norman, founder of NORCO

Chauncey Norman, a long time resident of Middleport, started his own business after working at the Niagara Sprayer for 37 years.  NORCO Machine and Sheet Metal Corporation was started in 1957 with four employees in a building on Kelly Avenue after Niagara Chemical Division closed out its machine shop. Mr. Norman, Harold Austin and James

Old Middleport News Clippings

Niagara Woodworking was in the news!

What can you add to this old newspaper clipping about Niagara Woodworking? Let us know by commenting below and we will add it to the story! The caption dates this at 1909 and says: “The makers of house trim, sash and doors. It was located on Kelly Ave. and is presently occupied by Barden and

Library News

Search your ancestry at the library

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Train Travel comes to Middleport

The opening of the canal in 1825 was responsible for much of the growth of this little village of Middleport, New York.  It wasn’t much longer before the first train came chugging through Middleport, again changing how people were able to transport goods and families to the west. The first train came through  in June


Wildcat Creek – powering Middleport’s growing businesses

by Anna Wallace, former Village Historian In most of the printed material we read, the growth of Middleport is attributed to the Erie Canal. But some time ago, Elmer Vary, then our native and most senior citizen, felt that a great deal of credit should be given to Jeddo Creek or “Wild Cat Creek” as