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A History of Middleport

Anna Wallace reading the proof of her new book.
Anna Wallace reading the proof of her new book.

All history lovers, especially those who love learning more about our little village, will be pleased to hear that the history written by our previous historian, Anna Wallace, is about to go to press.  During her 30 year tenure as historian, Anna collected stories that go back to the beginning of our community in the early 1800s up to her retirement in 2010.

I recently had a visit with her at her residence in Rochester where I shared with her a proof copy of her writings,  now compiled in a book entitled “A Friendly Community, A History of Middleport, New York.

The book will contains lots of interesting facts as well as 130 pictures from old newspapers, post cards and private photos. After a little more editing, we should be going to press in a few weeks.

The history will be available locally and also through Amazon.

Anna proudly showing her collection of stories about Middleport
Anna proudly showing her collection of stories about Middleport


  1. Looking forward to your book, Mrs. Wallace. You look wonderful!

    Margaret Dodge Allen

  2. Please let me know when it is available to be purchased, I would love a copy. I loved the small village of Middleport and I especially liked the library and the history of the Erie Canal.

  3. So looking forward to reading your book Mrs Wallace and sending a copy to my uncle (Dr Edward, Bud Birch) in California.

  4. You are a special childhood memory, Mrs Wallace and I look forward to reading your history.

    E Sue Williams Brown

  5. So proud of my mother! She always had such a love of history and Middleport and now she can share.

  6. Congratulations! What a lovely tribute to our charming little village. Looking forward to a trip down memory lane and assorted gems from the past. I have very much enjoyed all your articles in the town of Royalton Historical society news letter over the years.
    JoAnne Gilbert Satterfield

  7. This book is a dream come true. Thank you Mrs Wallace. I lived in Middleport as a young child around 1955 for a few years and have always yearned to come back. The library is my favorite place to this day. It was so exciting to walk over the draw bridge and go into the A&P and then the bakery for those wonderful donuts. Churches, the town square and school.
    What a perfect place to have the great fortune to experience. I look forward to reading this book.

  8. Mrs. Wallace you look wonderful! I can’t wait to read your book. Congratulatons.

  9. Will enjoy reading your book, Mrs. Wallace. Middleport was a great town to grow up and go to school in.

  10. Ron and I just read your book and it is wonderful. We found out so many facts we didn’t know and a lot of Ron’s history. Thank you for writing this. You still are as beautiful as you always were.
    Linda and Ron Mufford

  11. I grew up in middleport on north Hartland street. I returned from the navy in 1962 with my wife and 2 children. Ultimately we bought our 1st house in 1966 on South Vernon street. We moved to Westfield mass in 1976. Harold Lasal sold our home. I played lots of golf with Harold Fran Jackson Tommy Sheldon Don Heath plus many others at Shelridge CC.

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