Good eating at the American Hotel

American Hotel, Middleport NYThanks to Margaret Droman for this memory.

The American Hotel on Vernon Street next to the railroad tracks, run by Frank and Fanny Antonucci, was a popular place for locals to enjoy some good home cooking.

There was a daily 75 cents special with a salad and vegetable on one side of the plate and meat on the other.  A popular special was 2 hamburgers with onions, mashed potatoes and gravy.  Bologna roast was another favorite as was the lasagna and of course fish on Fridays.  Spaghetti was served with sausage or meatballs.

Pie was available for 15 cents extra and since Fanny had never made pies before, a lady was hired to help with the pie making.  Dough for the crust was made every other morning at 4:30 with two crust pies served one day and one crust the next.  Lemon and butterscotch quickly became favorites with the patrons. 



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