June 2015 RHBPA Meeting Notes

logoWednesday, June 10, 2015

Attendees: Donna McCloy, Ann Busch, Janet Lyndaker, Julie Maedl, Sarah Reed, Keith Bond, Ann Fisher-Bale, Vonda Westcott, Greg Zakrzewski

The meeting was called to order a t 8:12 AM by Greg Zakrewski.

Treasurer’s Report – $3,022.82

Old Business

  • Goat Chip Bingo – July 4th – Everything is all set for this. Greg would like another volunteer to hawk tickets on at the Royalton Festivities. Julie will send email to ask for volunteers. She also brought presale tickets. We need to sell 25 to cover the door prize money. If this doesn’t make money this year, we should consider doing it at the Wine event.
  • Music In The Park – July 19th
    Ann reported that the village will submit an ad for this. She has submitted the license and will follow-up on the status. Ann reported that she spoke with Wine About Winter committee to see where they purchased their glasses. There was a one-time set up fee of $20 and the screen is $40. If we get 12 dozen at $2.49 per glass the total would be $358.56 plus the $60 set up and screen fee. That would give us a total of 300 glasses. Patt and Julie are reviewing the postcard mailing list for duplicates. Everyone should ask friends and relatives if they need tickets to get presale numbers up. Call or email Julie with the number of tickets you need and she will bring tickets to the July 8th meeting or get them to you if you can’t attend. She also has posters to distribute so let her know if you can distribute some. Wendy is getting the gift certificate for the door prize.
  • Travelling Troubadours – Ice Cream Social – July 11th
    The musical group Travelling Troubadours will be stopping here to entertain. They will park in front of Margaret Droman Park. Two local musicians will open. Patt’s son is getting the ice cream from Perry’s (employees get $50 in free ice cream). We will get two big tubs and some ice cream sandwiches. The Bond family will be in charge of getting dishes, spoons, napkins and toppings and serving the ice cream. Rebecca Schweigert has posters and will distribute to local businesses. The village is also running an ad in the paper. Julie will send an email to all members about this event.

Scholarship Winner
Faye Conley was selected. Brian Yaiser will present her award at Graduation.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 AM.

Next meeting – Wednesday, July 8th at Darrell’s

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