Middleport resident’s recipe finalist in Thomas’ Breakfast Battle – please cast your VOTE!

Tina Zunner of Middleport is one of the four finalists in Thomas’ English Muffins contest, “Hometown Breakfast Battle”. Tina is the wife of Kyle Zunner and they both live in Middleport. Her breakfast sandwich called the Buffalo Breakfast Club is a delicious creation that features some of our hometown flavors – hot sauce and blue cheese – to give her entry a real WNY flavor. She is one of the final four and votes can be cast until October 19. The final two will advance after that – we hope Tina is one of them and YOU could help!

Please Vote!

You can vote on her sandwich entry and help advance her to the finals when only two contestants will remain in the running. You can register to vote and one vote a day is allowed. Your vote also makes you eligible to be a prize winner yourself so be sure to voice your opinion!

Good luck Tina! We know your recipe is the best and we wish you all the best with your original recipe for the Buffalo Breakfast Club sandwich!

Tina Zunner’s Bio from the Thomas Muffin Website:

Tina Zunner is the head chef and general manager of the Buffalo cafe, Sweet_ness 7. She has been the kitchen chef for over two years. She is self-taught and has the ability of the most highly trained professional chef. At a mere five feet tall, Tina is a legend around this family-owned cafe. She pumps out scratch-made breads and pastries, while calmly filling customer food orders during hectic times in the kitchen, daily. The staff loves her and the customers think the world of her. Tina keeps a massive focus on the matter-at-hand while guiding others to fulfill their responsibilities. Tina is always kind and happy. Her big focus on customer service with real smiles and quality product make her a big reason for this award-winning cafe to thrive. Tina’s dedication and knowledge of all things Buffalo and Sweet_ness 7 bring customers back again and again. Tina makes creative, delicious specials in the way of soups, pastries and breakfast sandwiches daily. Sourcing as much of the supplies and ingredients from local, natural producers is mandatory in this shop, and she takes that very seriously. Tina makes sure that the restaurant reuses, recycles, uses recycled materials, and serves only fresh and natural food and drinks. It takes a team to accomplish this huge task, but it takes a great leader to get the job done.

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