Myrtle Lewis Wilmot, local artist and philanthropist

Myrtle Lewis Wilmot was the daughter of Middleport residents and inventor Elgie J. Lewis and his wife, May Bathrick Lewis. Born in 1888, she attended Middleport High School from where she graduated in 1904 and then went on to study music at the Julliard School of Music in New York City. She and her husband, Arthur M. Wilmot lived most of their married life here on Terry Street and were active members of the Universalist Church and many other civic organizations.

In a newspaper article from 1972, Mrs. Wilmot was quoted that she took up painting when a local art class needed new members. She had never had any formal training but often admired scenes, thinking they might make a good picture. She would spend the next twenty years of her life painting scenes mostly of local interest.

Today many of her works can be found in the collection of the Royalton Hartland Community Library and the Village Hall in Middleport. Mrs. Wilmot lived until 1974 and after the passing of Mr. Wilmot in 1975, the major portion of their estate was left in trust to numerous educational, religious, health and civic organizations.

This photo shows Myrtle Lewis Wilmot with her father Elgie Lewis.  Her father will be featured in a future article about his incredible inventions.

elgie lewis and daughter

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