Niagara Woodworking was in the news!

niagara-woodworkingWhat can you add to this old newspaper clipping about Niagara Woodworking? Let us know by commenting below and we will add it to the story!

The caption dates this at 1909 and says: “The makers of house trim, sash and doors. It was located on Kelly Ave. and is presently occupied by Barden and Robeson Corp. Lower photo shows workers from left, Art Webber, Art Vale, Frank Owens, Tim Riordan, and Bill Mahar. Photos are through the courtesy of Tim Riordan.”

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  1. I have been studying a relative who lived in Middleport. On his 1905 NY census his occupation was listed as laborer, sash trim. (There are other individuals listed likewise). I wondered where he might have worked at this job, this business seems likely.

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